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What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants?

History of Hair transplant procedures backs to some 70 to 80 years back, when bigger surgeries like scalp rotation and scalp reduction were tried,  but the procedures were too tedious and very less rewarding. Cosmetically, this led to eventual use of Wigs and patches.  But these were not very common. Advent of FUHT procedures made it accessible to common men,

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Comparison Between Hair Transplant and Wig.

Hair transplant is a permanent procedure where as wig is a temporary procedure. Wigs aggravate the hair loss . Wigs require a lot of care and maintenance where as hair transplant requires only good diet and dandruff free scalp. Hair transplant gives a natural look and is everlasting, we assure our patients of this at best hair transplant center Pune,Sai

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Treatments for Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy.

Fighting cancer is always a trauma for the sufferer, and it takes a lot of mental and physical efforts on the end of the patient, adding to that trauma is the sickness of the chemotherapy drugs, like insomnia, loss of appetite and continuous nausea etc. Hair fall is one of the suffering too. Drug like Adrimycin Textol Texoter Hexalen These

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Upcoming Trends in Hair Transplant

This is really a need of the time to understand this topic as a whole, as change in the technology are daily happening, people are coming with new innovative ideas, information and methods to, improve the methods, enhance the results, database to ensure a better comparison between the two methods, old or new, or between two or more AVAILABLE techniques. A lot has been

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Hair Line Construction a Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant in pune Sai cosmetics takes lots of precision in creating a hairline. The important point to consider is a few important landmarks, using smaller grafts, giving natural look to the hair transplant. Landmarks for creating a natural front line MIDFRONTAL point: This is located7 to 9 cm above the glabella in males it is t lower in females.

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