Comparison Between Hair Transplant and Wig.


  1. Hair transplant is a permanent procedure where as wig is a temporary procedure.
  2. Wigs aggravate the hair loss .
  3. Wigs require a lot of care and maintenance where as hair transplant requires only good diet and dandruff free scalp.
  4. Hair transplant gives a natural look and is everlasting, we assure our patients of this at best hair transplant center Pune,Sai Cosmetics.
  5. Wigs are good for people who have very less donor area and it gives instant results.
  6. Wigs have to be changed after sometime.
  7. Hair transplant is a positive aesthetic change which after some waiting time results in natural growing healthy hair which lasts .
  8. Wigs are low costs but require regular maintenance which overall is costly.
  9. The glue which is used for wigs results in extensive itching and may lead to rashes, which could lead to permanent discoloration of the scalp , we have reported many cases of side effects at best hair transplant center,Pune, Sai Cosmetics.
  10. Wigs can be used in scarring alopecia aerata cases where the hair transplant is contraindicated.
  11. In wigs if u are ready to bear the consequences then u can choose the style and color and length of your hair system.
  12. Wigs and hair patches could lead to something like ‘ wardrobe malfunction’ while driving two wheelers or swimming, or playing fast games like Foot ball, Cricket, sometimes people have reported patches to come out, when taking off the helmet , or the holding clip or glue may give way ,while driving on high speeds.
  13. Last but not the least, the mineral, vitamins given by your hair transplant doctor, helps you to improve with your general health and well being also.
  14. We have seen, a lot of individuals to come for hair transplants after taking after getting, scarring, and skin irritation after using a hair patch, at best hair transplant center Pune, Sai Cosmetics, we have lots of patches left by our patients.

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