Body Hair Transplant

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Body Hair Transplant

BHT technique of hair transplant involves taking hair from body part other then head hair is derived from the FUE technique. This body hair transplant technique helps to exceed the donor area to the whole body, where ever hair is present. Body hair transplant technique is useful in the cases where the head hair is no longer in position to work as a donor for the bald area or recipient area due to less density of head.

The area of the body where we can use donor’s hair is beard, chest, and arm-pit, the hair at arms and leg or even hair at the pubic area can be used as donor hair.

The BHT-FUE method opens up new possibilities especially for patients whose donor areas have been badly used or even destroyed due to previous hair transplant by an unskilled surgeon. Maybe a better choice for eyebrow reconstruction where one can have better matching hairs then the fast-growing thick scalp hair.

We use hair from the back, the chest and the thighs to complete the requirement in hair transplant, but there is a high risk of scaring in using beard as a donor for body hair transplant.