What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants?


History of Hair transplant procedures backs to some 70 to 80 years back, when bigger surgeries like scalp rotation and scalp reduction were tried,  but the procedures were too tedious and very less rewarding. Cosmetically, this led to eventual use of Wigs and patches.  But these were not very common.

Advent of FUHT procedures made it accessible to common men, though it was cumbersome and difficult in the initial years to begin, but, it gave the essence good looks, to the man not so lucky with their scalp.

Next, new thing which happened to the scenario of Hair transplant, was FUE, sometime in 2002 to 2004, start was with small sizes of Hand Held Skin Biopsy Needles , those SURGEON s who tried it, were doing 200 to 400 grafts/ follicle in a day,  then came motorized punches,  and they REVOLUTIONIZED the scenario in next 5 years,..

From 2012 to till date FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has become the most preferred method of transplant, thus proving its EDGE over the FUHT ( Folliculitis Unit Hair Transplant), .


  1. As compared to FUHT, FUE is less invasive less blood loss. Lesser use of cautery.
  2. FUE gives you much less visible scars, as compared to FUHT’s Single line long scar.
  3. Post operative care- is easier and less painful in FUE as compared to FUHT
  4. No stitches are given in FUE procedure as compared to FUHT, so no cutting pain of pressure of the sutures thread, in FUE procedure, .
  5. Lesser injury to the vessels and nerves at the donor area in FUE procedure.
  6. No permanent decrease in the vertical length of the donor area scalp. As happens in FUHT procedures.

SO THESE WERE THE POINTS IN FAVOR OF THE FUE method, but this is one side of the image, it has also done something bad to the hair science.

  1. As the procedure is simple, a lot of NON DOCTORS, unqualified TECHNICIANS AND even NON SCIENTIFIC PERSONS, have entered the market. Which is called the GREY MARKET is produced, and this is effecting the doctors and the patients, very badly, .the dignity of the procedure is hurt . At Best hair transplant center pune Sai Cosmetics, only doctors do the transplants.
  2. As the field is not restricted to move up and down, in the DONOR AREA, a SURGEON may get tempted to run out of the stipulated safe donor area taking bad FOLLICLES as GRAFTS, resulting a bad transplant.

3.For sure FUHT can provide you bigger number of FOLLICLES as GRAFTS  as compared to FUE,  we at best hair transplant center in Pune, Sai  Cosmetics , try to explain all these factors to the patients visiting our clinic for consultation

Please ask your doctor., for his/ her personal preference also.

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