Hair Line Construction a Hair Transplant Procedure


Hair transplant in pune Sai cosmetics takes lots of precision in creating a hairline. The important point to consider is a few important landmarks, using smaller grafts, giving natural look to the hair transplant.

Landmarks for creating a natural front line

  1. MIDFRONTAL point: This is located7 to 9 cm above the glabella in males it is t lower in females.
  2. FRONTOTEMPORAL point: It is the line drawn from the lateral canthus of the eye to the remaining temporal hair. A gentle curve line is created by joining the two points.
  3. LATERAL HUMPS: This is the lateral extent of the hairline.
  4. Transition zone: In this single grafts are placed to give a natural look to the hair line.
  5. MICRODISTURBED pattern: This irregular pattern of hair line design is very important to create a natural looking hairline.
  6. TEMPORAL TRIANGLES: One line goes to the crus of the ear to the midfrontal line and the second line from the tip of the nose to the first line crossing the pupil of the eye.

The direction of the hair is very important in creating a natural hairline. The best hair transplant center in pune Sai Cosmetics takes care of each and every minute details to create a natural hair line.

Hair transplant center pune Sai Cosmetics has given marvelous results after keeping in mind all the details for creating a natural hair line

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