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Knowing About Hair Transplant Cost in Pune

As for the need of hair transplant, there are a lot of centers to decide from, the next very important question which haunts your thought process is, what should be the legitimate cost of the procedure for myself.. About the search of the clinics,  we have already disclosed that,  a clinic with a doctor available for a consultation, examination and

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Comparison Between Hair Transplant and Wig.

Hair transplant is a permanent procedure where as wig is a temporary procedure. Wigs aggravate the hair loss . Wigs require a lot of care and maintenance where as hair transplant requires only good diet and dandruff free scalp. Hair transplant gives a natural look and is everlasting, we assure our patients of this at best hair transplant center Pune,Sai

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Wondering, When is The Right Time to Undergo a Hair Transplant Treatment?

Thousands of people wonder about when is the right time to undergo hair transplant? Well, no two people are the same so answers also differ. It is not a spur of the moment decision. Losing hair is devastating and its the worst blow on your self-esteem. Each of us has to reach a different threshold if we have to undergo

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