FUHT Hair Transplant

We practice Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT) which is the conventional technique followed all over the world with consistent results. Male and female patients who wish to undergo FUHT (strip technique) need not be completely bald. FUHT is The conventional method of Hair Transplant, involves taking out of a strip from the posterior scalp, followed by dissection of the strip by , trained para medical workers, to give the surgeon follicular grafts.

FUHT is good to give you a graft need of upto 5500 to 6500 follicles in selected cases; with Super Trichophytic
Closure the extent of scar is very minimal and hardly noticeable in FUHT procedures too.

FUHT Hair Transplant in Pune

Summary of FUHT Hair Transplant

  • Scalpel is used and stitches are given. Strip of 10-12 cm in length and 1-2 cm in depth is taken out.
  • Small portion is shaved, which is completely invisible after surgery.
  • Under magnification the rate of destruction of follicles is very less.
  • Scar is present which can be minimised by super trichophytic closure.
  • In one sitting 5000 to 6000 follicles can be transplanted easily.
  • The way of giving local anaesthesia is same in both the ways.
  • Survival rate is higher as tissues are more around the follicle.
  • Incision is not visible immediately after surgery.
  • Singles session is required.
  • Good method if large area is to be transplanted.
  • Cost is Pocket Friendly.
  • Anti Inflammatory drugs are to be taken for days.
  • Numbness can last for several months.
  • Less time is required.