Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction Surgery

Reduction of unwanted hair is today a most commonly requested cosmetic procedure in the world. Hair cycle consists of anagen, catagen, telogen phases. Anagen is a phase of active growth. Catagen is a phase of transition where the lower part of hair follicle undergoes apoptosis. Telogen is a resting phase. Lasers are effective only in the anagen phase.,when the hair matrix cells are dividing rapidly and there is melanin overload.

The theory of selective photo-thermolysis enables precise targeting of pigmented hair follicles by using the melanin of the hair shaft as a chromophore. Preparation of the patient.Patient is advised not to shave or wax 20 days before the procedure.

Then at the clinic after taking all the safety measures the area is shaved and at a desired strength depending upon the type and texture of hair the laser shots are given. Post-procedure if there is any redness then a soothing ointment is advised. It is very comfortable procedure and painless. Patient is again called for another session after 45 days.