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Different Types of Hair Transplant and Their Downtime

Hair transplant is basically of two types  FUHT &  FUE. FUHT: Follicular unit hair transplant in this procedure a elliptical strip is sliced out from the back of the scalp for this scalpel is used. The elliptical excision can be performed using a single blade or double blade with spacer in between. The strip should not be more than one

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Post Hair Transplant Surgery Precautions

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the widely used treatments in the category of cosmetic surgeries. Hair transplant surgery is the most crucial procedure to experience. It is a known fact that extra care becomes mandatory when you make any changes to your body. Thorough recovery becomes the ultimate priority when you go through a hair transplant procedure. Also, remember

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Different Options For Hair Transplant Procedures

It is not a secret that stressful lifestyle has been a critical reason for most of the health issues. In addition to that, there is a constant compromise on healthy eating habits. Because of the demanding schedule and constant race to meet the ends, people end up eating unhealthy food that has preservatives in it. Out of all the reasons,

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