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4 Winter Care Tips to Maintain Strong Hair

Hair is the most focused thing when you want to look beautiful. However, winter is on its way, and people face challenges to maintain healthy hair. Not taking proper care in winter results in hair fall. Follow four useful winter tips mentioned below to maintain strong hair. 1. Stay Away from Sun Light The sun rays may harm your hair

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A Healthy Diet To Protect Your Hair loss

Growing pollution, climate change, or our unhealthy eating habits the impact is directly on hair growth. Although the former is not in our control, we can control that later. Eating healthy is completely our choice and is under our control. A healthy diet can protect your hair loss, help your hair stay strong and smooth. Consuming vitamins and minerals can

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Dandruff – A Major Cause of Hair Loss

Dandruff is a house-hold name as a problem usually presenting with 1. ITCHY Scalp 2. FLACKY Scalp 3. Boils over Scalp Dandruff is also misdiagnosed with dryness of scalp, though the conditions may occur simultaneously. To differentiate Dandruff is present with symptoms of INFLAMMATION, such as Oily Scalp, Severe nocturnal itching, redness of scalp. Dandruff is usually a fungal infection

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