Upcoming Trends in Hair Transplant


This is really a need of the time to understand this topic as a whole, as change in the technology are daily happening, people are coming with new innovative ideas, information and methods to, improve the methods, enhance the results, database to ensure a better comparison between the two methods, old or new, or between two or more AVAILABLE techniques.

A lot has been said and written about the two methods available in basic, i;e, the FUHT AND  FUE, but as a matter of fact, FUE is the more acceptable method today,  as most of the individuals say no to a scar on the back of the head,  on the contrary FUE has developed a Grey Market team of unqualified people, who are not doctor ( or unauthorised doctors) in our competition,  by making the procedure too simple, .
Few matters definitely depend on the steps that would be taken by the government, to stop grey market..
First upcoming trend-
Selection of the patient- As FUE has changed the senario, we can now look to bigger cases, as we can include cases we can use FOLLICLES from the beard and chest as well. We are now more aware of the age slab for the patient to be chosen,  a history of the patient, is more informative now,  we all are not open to the patients, unless we see all the pathological investigations.

Preparation of the patient- As a matter of fact this stage has also changed as, we now usually start the oral Antibiotics a day before the procedure. As oral antibiotics take a time to reach effective serum levels,  dandruff is also treated before procedures,  minoxidil if being used could be stopped prior to the procedure,  blood thinners should be stopped,  antihypertensive that are peripheral vasodilator types are too stopped, so is aspirin.

The administration of the local anesthesia- should be done after, two consecutive hypersensitivity tests done at least 15 minutes apart, least dose of local anaesthesia is advised, and doctors should learn technique to  give local anaesthesia in ways to potentiate its duration effect.

FUE TECHNIQUE IN GENERAL- Its good to use punch sizes of 0.8 to 0.9 m.m , as smaller punches maintain there bevel for a longer period,  leave lesser scars,  definitely use sharp punches in repeat cases, choose motor speed wisely,  use proper binocular magnification,  non heat producing intense light,  keep proper running irrigation and hemostasis..Choose proper spacing and reduce wastage to zero


LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY..Biostmulation within the mitochondria results in a series of reactions which stimulates the anogen reentry, pronlongs anagen phase duration, and halt premature catagen onset.

BIOENHANCED HAIR RESTORATION SCALP MESOTHERAPY..Scalp treatments with bimaprost and latanoprost are under study for the support of follicular health improvement.

PLATELET RICH PLASMA…This therapy stimulates the follicular bulge area stem cells and increase the survival of dermal papilla and it extends the anagen hair cycle.

EXTRACELLULAR MATRICES…it helps in tissue regeneration after the fue extraction at donor site.

ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY, HOLDING SOLUTIONS, PILOSCOPY are some new trends in hair transplant

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