Non-Surgical Face Lifts

Non-Surgical Face Lifts Surgery

With increasing age in human beings, the signs of aging are first seen on the human face, and the truth is this that , our presenting module is our face, so if we manage our face to look young, we definitely can earn praises from everybody around.

Out of all the animals present human beings are the only one blessed with a straight posture , means standing perpendicularly erect on the ground, all animals have their body trunk parallel to the earth.

As we hold our supremacy to all others, we definitely pay the price, in terms of aging related to our posture, as we age the face becomes puffy, heavy and it sags down , , and to counter this disfiguring effect of age ,we have some procedures, to keep yourself looking young ,in spite of your increasing age.

We will try to explain few of the NON SURGICAL FACE LIFTS available with us:

(1). The Radio Frequency :-

A radio frequency pulse of static current is given to the sagging parts of the face, such as Double Chin or Jowls , the current tones up the deeper facial layers of the skin heats them and contracts them, this gives a tone to the face, resultantly , one might look 5 to 10 years younger, the effect is immediate, and stays for 10 to 30 days.

(2). The P P C therapy. :-

The Phosphatidylcholine injection ,when given in to localised collections of fat has the ability to dissolve these disfiguring deposits of fat in a duration of 15 days, so the uneven fats of aging can be taken care of.

(3). The H I F U 9 the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound):-

These are ultrasound waves like a Laser in Light, when given to a part of face has extremely good ability of producing heat there, that too at calculated depths after the skin, the heat produced there causes Thermo coagulation of the deeper mucupolysacchiride layers of the skin, leaving the skin to look tight and supple, wrinkle free and rejuvenated foe a period of 6 months to one year, in case one repeats , the procedure then the effects may be prolonged for one and a half to two years, making this procedure comparable to a Surgical Face Lift.In addition to face, HIFU has also been used to TIGHTEN Breasts and Post-Partum lax Vagina.

(4). The THREAD LIFTS :-

These are threads containing ( Polydioxanone ) ,the threads are Simple fibres, or twisted /spiral, or sometimes provided with hooks, they are available in different thickness and lengths, with the dispensing needle and stopper, usually a strong local anaesthic cream is left over the part to be done for 20 to 30 minutes, this gives a good anaesthesia to the face skin, now we can put as many as threads needed in the skin, the (Polydioxanone) , acts by dissolving slowly and , has a property of contracting the mucopolysacchiride layers of the skin, thus ending in a tight face, the effect remains for nearly 8 to 10 months, if repeated before that, the effects can be enhanced to a duration of one and a half to two years, these threads can also be used for upliftment of sagging breasts.

We do all these procedures at our centre, please discuss and understand by the help of a consultation with the Doctor , which procedure is best suited for your individual needs..