Hair Transplant in Indore

Sai Cosmetic is modern, pioneer hair transplant & cosmetic surgery centre in Indore.

Our centre has the track record for providing good result to the people at the lowest possible cost.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune

Hair transplant is a very common and simple procedure for a makeover of a person. It should be done by an expert and specialized and experienced doctors. Sai cosmetics center is the oldest and great service provider in the aspect of hair transplant in Indore. All the credit goes to Dr.Amitabh Shrivastava and Dr.Ruchi Shrivastava and their team. The persons taking treatment from them are very satisfied staff at the Indore center is very helping and caring. Doctors experience for hair transplant procedure is of 25 yrs. And doctors here are well versed in the FUT and FUE and PRP and mesotherapy procedures. Doctors follow the norms advised by INTERNATIONA SOCIETY OF HAIR RESTORATION. The centers at INDORE are well maintained, clean, hygienic and the doctors have an extremely professional outlook. Although hair transplant is a simple process, it is not a walk in a park surgery for any surgeon to perform. That’s where Sai cosmetic plays a vital role. With experienced surgeons, staff, and state of the art equipment, they are providing the best cosmetics and hair transplant services to the people at very affordable rates in Indore.

01All the queries regarding the hair transplant procedure are cleared first and followed by triclosan.

02Required blood tests are done.

03Preoperative.antibiotic is advised to start one day before the hair transplant procedure. Head wash with Betadine scrub two times is advised.

04Patients are advised to have a healthy and high-calorie breakfast before the procedure of hair transplant.

05Doctor make lots of effort to reduce the pain in the procedure of hair transplant.

06We try our very best to make the patient, very comfortable during the hair transplant procedure in means of position, pain, food, movements, music.

07Staff is very helpful and humble and experienced.

08Postoperative instructions of a hair transplant procedure are explained to the patient and their relatives verbally and given in writing. Patients can call doctors any number of times and many times after the procedure if there are any queries.

09Doctors follow the latest transplant techniques and treatments.

10Best hair transplant techniques and recent advances in the procedures of hair transplant are followed.

11Best value for money and low cost for hair transplant and high-density hair transplant, natural looking and micro disturbed hair line construction.

12Hair transplant in women is also done successfully.

13Mega session in hair transplant is the USP of our clinic in Indore.


14Dense packing/Celebrity patients.


15Doctor Amitabh Shrivastava has designed many instruments for the hair transplant procedure which he uses in his Indore hair transplant clinic and other centers also.


16We at SAICOSMETICS work very hard to achieve perfection in the hair transplant procedure. It is complete teamwork.


17Doctors advise and help in the nutritional and dietary knowledge also.