Different Types of Hair Transplant and Their Downtime


Hair transplant is basically of two types  FUHT &  FUE.


Follicular unit hair transplant in this procedure a elliptical strip is sliced out from the back of the scalp for this scalpel is used. The elliptical excision can be performed using a single blade or double blade with spacer in between. The strip should not be more than one cm. wide. Once the strip is taken out after assuring complete haemostasis the space is closed with the suture. Trichophytic closure results in better concealing scar. After this follicles are dissected and then implanted in the recipient area.

Downtime in healing of the scar is long .It usually takes 10 to 12 days to heal and then suture removal. Special care is to be taken for scar till the healing is complete. Cosmetically it is better procedure that the patient has nit to become bald for the procedure. Permanent scar will be visible after patient ever goes completely bald. There is no change in the perceived density of hair in the donor region. The rate of hair growth and time taken for the hair to grow is same in both the procedure. The stretchebility of the scalp is reduced due to the strip removal.


Follicular unit extraction in this procedure the patient is made fully bald. The main advantage of this procedure is absence of a linear scar. It is less invasive procedure and less downtime is involved in recovery process. If donor area is over harvested then it may give a moth eaten or pseudosypilitic appearance. SAFE system surgically advanced follicular extraction in this a motorized device is used and with the help of various sizes punches the hair follicles are extracted. The down time for healing in this procedure is very less in comparison to FUHT. The transaction rate is comparatively less if done by expert hands.



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