Dandruff – A Major Cause of Hair Loss


Dandruff is a house-hold name as a problem usually presenting with

1. ITCHY Scalp

2. FLACKY Scalp

3. Boils over Scalp

Dandruff is also misdiagnosed with dryness of scalp, though the conditions may occur simultaneously.

To differentiate Dandruff is present with symptoms of INFLAMMATION, such as Oily Scalp, Severe nocturnal itching, redness of scalp.

Dandruff is usually a fungal infection with 1.Malassezia 2.Candida.

Harmful Effects of dandruff –

1. Itching your scalp every now and then causes embracement.

2. Hair tend to fall as a result of inflammatory process.

Is Treatment necessary?

Definitely a treatment is mandatory. In case a hair specialist doctor is available, it’s advisable get a consultation.

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Usual products are:

1. Anti-yeast and Antifungals

2. Fluconazoles

3. Itraconazoles

4. Cotrimoxazoles

Local Theraputics is by:

1. Ketoconazoles

2. Selinium Sulphides

3. Borates

4. Piroctone Olamines


Few effective home remedies are also available-

1. Boiled Neem Leaves – the stock should be boiled to make thick and dark, applied to the scalp for 30 minutes.

2. Vinegar – 1:1 diluted in water should be applied to dandruff infected scalp. Twice or thrice a week.

3. Lemon Juice with Coconut Oil to be applied to the scalp for 30mts, then rinse.

Usually dandruff infections are hutty to treat, it comes back again and again, Consult a hair specialist in Pune for better results.

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