“Shock loss” is a term used for loss of Transplanted Hair after 15 to 30 days of a Hair Transplant procedure, some times a sympathetic loss of the normal Hair of the Patient’s scalp is also seen, virtually this condition is self limiting and after a period the lost hair regrow on their own , this period of regrowth is usually between 3 to 6 months.Shock loss is seen in both types of Hair Transplants ,i;e. F U H T and F U E.

When ever a follicle is taken out by F U H T or F U E Method, it has virtually to stay out of the body for 30 to 120 minutes, thus the ever increasing hair fibre loses its tissue connectivity from its root bed, and thus this refractory ischemia explains the phenomena of “Shock Loss” the reason of loss of normal hair in small quantities is due to the trauma of Slits or the use of local anaesthetic.
(1), Patients should be taught about the sequel e of events after a Hair Transplants, especially a “Shock Loss’. so that he is not taken by surprise.
(2).The job of transplanted should be completed in minimum of time, reducing ischemia of the follicles, reduce metabolic activity of the follicles by reducing temperature of the HOLDING SOLUTIONS, adding OXYGEN in high pressure is an advent too.
(3).Slits should be made in such a magnification that, the surgeon should not injure other healthy follicles if present.

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