Non-Surgical Spot Fat Reduction – For Newer Generation!

Non-Surgical Spot Fat Reduction

Your figure reflects a lot about you. A lean frame is a boon but for many people, mainly obese or chronic obese, getting rid of excess fat seems to be a battle un-won. Although a regime including balanced Diet and regular exercise can help but there are always some peculiar areas that just don’t seem to respond. Fatty deposits on the following have been the most difficult areas to work upon:

1. Cheeks
2. Chin
3. Jaw line
4. Love handles
5. Hips
6. Under the arms
7. Abdomen
8. Thigh

Fat cells are by nature very different than other cells and their response to various techniques applied. Today, new technologies introduced for fat removal have been developed based on this knowledge and, as a result, can target specific areas of body fat. In this line, the introduction of non-invasive fat removal technologies is opening the door for people to remove stubborn fat, safely and effectively.

There are positives about Non-Surgical Spot Fat Reduction Procedures :

  • It is a painless walk in and walk out procedure.
  • No down time, patients can resume their regular activities immediately.
  • No serious side effects.
  • No anesthesia.
  • No Scars.
  • Safe.
  • No Complications or Health Risk.

Which are the two most popular techniques?

  • Radiofrequency:
  • Procedure:  Being one of the latest spot fat reduction technologies, Radiofrequency is widely used by dermatologists with much success for people with zones of excess fat.

    Its a versatile procedure that can be used on area of the body, independent of size, so whether its the abdomen or chin, this is equally effective. It penetrates with controlled heat into the fat cells, which in turn commences the breakdown and removal of intra cellular waste and unwanted fat from specific and treated areas of the body.

    Another benefit of radiofrequency is that it has the ability to both reduce fat and tighten the skin by directing energy to target collagen. The treatment usually takes 15 to 60 minutes. The procedures will work without diet or exercise, but you can greatly enhance results by following diet and exercising. Also, water is extremely important to aid the body in fat elimination post this treatment.

    After effects:   Patients may experience mild redness which disappears on its own and also a mild improvement in their skin tone and smoothness, with the reduced appearance of fat and possible inch loss along.

  • PPC (PhosPhatidylCholine) Injections:
  • Procedure: PPC injection (Phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholic acid & benzylalcohol), with the help of very thin needles, is injected into under layer fatty tissue. This weakens the cell membrane of fat cells leading to their rupture & release of certain enzymes. These enzymes in turn, further breaks down the fat into fatty acids which are carried by the blood to the liver & finally discarded by the body. It is most effective on small localized region of stubborn fat deposits.

    A total of 3-4 sessions at 3-4weekly interval is generally required for desirable results. The skin over the treated areas tightens after the fat has been removed (subjective – providing there is no excess loose skin) and the appearance of cellulite reduces. The fat cells are permanently removed and the results can be maintained for much longer time after treatment if client maintains their ideal body weight.

    After effects:  Patients may feel localized burning sensation while injecting, may suffer pain, tenderness, bruising and swelling, but are temporary.

Caution !!

These treatments are medical procedure & should be performed only by a trained physician. Although are safe, but these should not be done to clients below 18years of age, in Pregnancy & breast feeding, high blood pressure or if suffering from any serious illness.

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