How Smoking Is Bad For You Before and After the Hair Transplant

In every part of the globe smoking is prevalent as a fashion and had addicted about 30% of the world’s population. At least 65 % are trying hard to refrain from it. However, the fact is, most of them fail.

The most fundamental constituent of a smoke cigar or cigarette is

Nicotine — Nicotine gives the smoker a mild euphoria (a false feeling of wellbeing). Increases the B.P by causing vaso construction at the peripheral blood vessels. This vaso construction hampers with the blood supply of the follicles and they fall.

When a patient has a habit of smoking and approach us for the hair restoration in Pune clinic, we often notice the following hair conditions:

1. The hair of the habitual smokers, smell like cigarette smoke.

2. The hair become frizzy and brittle.

3. Hair loose the shining

4. Look lifeless.

Other bad contents of the smoke are.

1. Carbon monoxide

2. Lead

3. Arsenic

4. Hydrogen Cyanide

5. Ammonia

6. Nitrosamines

7. Benzene

8. Poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

9. Formaldehyde

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All are bad for general health and well-being. Most are carcinogenic. Traces of radio-active element uranium is also found due to the manure used in the agricultural production of the plant.

We have helped our patients to quit smoking or reduce the frequency when they came to us for the hair transplant in Pune.

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