The reason for hair loss in Males is rather known as Male Pattern Baldness including the Male Pattern Baldness and other causes of baldness, like Dandruff, Alopecia Areata, and Nutritional Deficiencies none are related to lack of blood supply to the area, and then how is it possible, that only males show lack of blood supply to scalp not females as they seldom show baldness, this indicate that baldness is due to male sex hormone Testosterone which is not present in a female body, and thus they don’t show Baldness. The Blood Supply theory is just a common man myth, its not true neither has any scientific evidence or proof.The hair at the donor area are genetically different from hair of the front and the vertex, thus when transplanted to those places they survive there as they are Testosterone resistant, this is the scientific basis of a transplant, . And this is universal.

Another myth is does shaving of the Scalp we help your hair and don’t let them fall————–Answer is NO.

Does Oiling daily help you grow Hair——-Answer is messaging with oil is easy with oil than with dry remaining Scalp, so messaging can increase the blood flow, but still can not stop the hair from falling.
Daily Shampooing is Bad—- Answer is it could be , only if your Shampoo is not Ph balanced and has too many unnecessary proteins added to it,Added proteins can never be absorbed by the Scalp or the Haline Hair Fibers, what proteins can give yo is a Scalp allergy.

Then what causes Hair Loss—–
(1). Lack of Sleep
(2). Spicy Foods and disturbed food timings.
(3). Cigarette smoking, Tobacco in any form.
(4). Dandruff infections.
(5). Multi Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies , Fe,Ca & Zn.

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