With the present senario, of the Hair Transplant Industry, F U E Method Hair Transplant are the choice of more and more of male population getting bald and seeking help of hair transplants.

Any Hair Surgeon, or physician, who wishes to learn the art has quite a few things to ponder after his training with a capable Senior of his/her, he first should buy a foot switch controlled machine for him, at least 2 pair of F U E PUNCHES, blunt ones are better for beginners, size should be 0.9 to 10.m.m,these punch may be used at an speed of 125 to 250 r p m,beginner should work in minimum of tumenence, first try to get an idea of the direction of the follicles, then start slow and steady, teaching your staff about sterilisation and lubrication of machines, after the procedure is quite essential.

Slits, should always be done in Micro Disturbed Manner. to create a thick look in minimum of labour,finally, give the patient a list of sequence of events to happen day after day, to satisfy his queries , is mendatory too.

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