Dark Eye Circles – Remedies to Cure – Part 1

Dark Eye Circles – Don’t let them spoil your looks!

Look yourself closely in the mirror! Did you see dark circles? Having dark shadow under your eye, seems very prominent in photographs as well?

It’s certainly not a disease but a dark circle, referred as a dark shadow / discolouration just beneath the eyes, makes eyes look tired and droopy and a person appears to be ill and older.

There are many factors that can cause dark rings/ circles – counting on:

1. Hereditary – if it runs in your family, it becomes a pattern in genes and you may suffer with dark circles without any other physical issue.

2. Allergy – Many people are having sensitivity towards seasonal changes, and they may develop a darkish appearance under their eyes due to this.

3. Ageing – Over time, skin keeps loosing collagen (that keeps skin tight and uplifted) and starts thinning, and thus veins under the eyes appear more prominently.

4. Thin Skin under eyes – due to medical condition/ pregnancy/ hormonal changes.

5. Over exposure in sun – Sun also facilitates collagen breakdown, causing dark shadows under the eyes, where skin is more sensitive as compared to other areas.

6. Sagging skin under eyes – skin may sag like a pouchy hammock like puff under eyes, due to sun exposure or ageing, as it tends to loose collagen and elastin – proteins which keep skin intact.

7. Puffiness – water retention also cause eyes to develop shadow around. Too much salt intake can also affect.

8. Fat Loss – A person who lose considerable weight in a short span of time, due to illness or dieting or any other substantial reason, may also develop dark circles.

9. Lifestyle – Over the top Alcohol consumption, deprived sleep, mental exhaustion, too much computer usage, and poor diet regime all can contribute towards a person’s deteriorating health and its first sign can appear as dark shadows under eyes.

10. Medical Factors – Any reaction to a particular medication, nasal congestion, high fever etc. can bring their sudden appearance.

Why do we need to know the above causes? Its because once you know the reason behind, the rectification can be done accordingly, as you need not to undergo medication/ chemical treatment every time. You may either require a simple eye care regime to get rid of dark eyes which would be very different from undergoing medical treatment if it is due to collagen breakdown or if its an allergy.

There are various popular home remedies with which dark circles can be taken care of to an extent. They can make eyes look fresh from everyday stress and can get you a clearer complexion all over.

1. Cold Compress – Keep ice pack over eyes every evening after a stressful day/ work to get muscles and veins relaxed. You can use chilled cucumber slices or aloe vera gel also.

2. Pack – mix of rose water, sandalwood and multani mitti also helps improve skin color around eyes.

3. Under-eye skin cream – they help in building collagen and help removing dark shadows.

4. For instant camouflaging – one can use concealer / foundation to hide circles for an immediate cover.

5. Proper sleep – a good routined sleep is must for having a beautiful health and definitely no eye dark circles

6. Completely avoid alcohol (as it cause dehydration and ultimately roughening skin), avoid exposure to sun and constant working over computer screen.

7. Consume adequate amount of water. Its an excellent beverage to keep yourself hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

8. Cover your face from exposing to smoke and dust while moving out.

9. Always remove make-up (if any) from face before going to bed. This is very important as chemicals in cosmetics may further harm your face skin overall.

10. Healthy diet – A good balanced diet including fresh fruits/ vegetables, pulses and whole grain helps body to maintain blood flow, keeping immunity high and protecting you from any seasonal allergies.

But in case dark circles are way beyond treatable with these simple remedies, there are various treatments available, that can help you get rid of these undesired shadows. Stay tuned for more!

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