Can a Hair Transplant Really Look Natural


Hair transplant is a boon in today’s scenario. It is a magic wand if used in a correct way and, if it falls in a bad hand, it is a disaster.

Yes it is completely possible to have a natural looking hair transplant results but you should choose a correct Doctor. Hair transplant in Pune Sai Cosmetics we take care of all the minute details for the hair transplant to look natural.

  1. Hair line construction:   this is the foundation of hair transplant. The creation of anterior hairline is important in achieving the natural looking hair transplant. This is accomplished through appropriate location of a few landmarks and use of single follicular units , in hair line construction. The landmarks are Mid frontal point, front temporal point, lateral humps, transition zone, irregularities of hairline.
  2. Candidate selection:  Assessing criteria such as age, degree of hair loss, donor supply, hair caliber and hair color all help in performing natural looking hair transplantation in pune.
  3. Safe donor area:  Using follicles from safe donor area.
  4. FUE punches:  The size of the punches we use is less than, .8 mm this helps us to harvest small follicular units which can be placed accurately giving a natural looking hair transplant. If big size punches are used they give a toothbrush looking like hair transplant or doll hair, pluggy, cornrows hair transplant .Hair plug transplant
  5. Density and direction:  This is the key factor in making a hair transplant look natural. Best hair transplant center in pune sai cosmetics takes care of direction of implantation of follicles on scalp. Direction of implantation should match, and the pits should be made parallel to the directions to the existing hair follicles, to achieve this , at best hair transplant center in Pune, we use proper Binocular loupes of magnification of more than 4.5  X ( times).
  6. Assessing Previous History:  At best hair transplant center in Pune, sai cosmetics, we mostly, ask our patients, to come or present with their photographs of younger ages, to understand the point, what their hair line looked like, when they were not suffering from baldness, to try to create a front line very similar to that of the original line which existed, is a practice at best hair transplants center,sai cosmetics
  7. Choose follicle look wise: Though this step or protocol is not possible to follow in each and every patient as they are of different age groups and looks and colour of the skin, But at best hair transplant center at Pune, sai cosmetics, we try to pick black follicles more than grey for our younger patients, though the rule won’t hold good for older lot of patients, there we try to have donor follicles of the same strength of hair, means 2 or 3 haired follicles.

8 . At best hair transplant center Pune:  sai cosmetics, we also try to mimic the density profile of the near by normal looking areas of the transplanted area, and do not try to vary our transplant density much from those areas as to create harmonious looks.

  1. Crown area hair transplant: this area hair transplant requires lots of expertise to give a natural look. It is a game of direction to give a natural cover.
  2. Depth of placing the grafts:  too much superficial placement of grafts will lead to conning…and will give a tenting effect which will give an unnatural look to the hair transplant.

Planning, designing and placement of grafts results in a natural looking hair tansplant.This is taken care in details at sai cosmetics which makes it a best hair transplant center in Pune.

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