A case study of 4000 graft of REVISION HAIR TRANSPLANT (4000 graft hair transplant result)

We are presenting today the case study of a revision hair transplant carry out at Sai Cometics in Pune by Dr.Amitabh Shrivastava. In this case we did 4000 graft hair transplant by FUE technique and he got very good result.

Before we proceed we would like to tell you about the Dr.Amitabh Shrivastava and his clinic Sai Cosmetics in Pune.

Sai Cosmetics, a leading Hair Transplant clinic at Pune. The clinic has branches in Delhi, Indore, and Mumbai.  Head of the Clinic Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava, stay in Pune at mother branch city. Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava is 27 to 28 years experienced, started doing Hair Transplants in 1994 along with his practice of E.N.T, definitely, those were the times of F U H T Procedures, at present at Pune. We are doing Hair Transplants at MUMBAI, INDORE, and DELHI as well. But most of the cases are done at the Pune clinic as with passing time we are more concentrated at Head Branch.

Now the case study:

The patient in question is a 28-year-old belonging to a very reputed Christian family of Pune and his name is John, he came for a consultation with our Dr.Amitabh in the month of May 2019, and told Sir, Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava, and Madam Dr. Mrs. Ruchi Shrivastava that, he has undergone a frontal Hair Transplant at some clinic of Pune and he could see nothing over his scalp, as the result of a transplant done 2 years earlier, he had lost faith in the science of hair transplant, Dr. Amitabh and Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava, gave him consolation and told him, that probably he was not in right hands last time, and he definitely deserves a second chance to look good and graceful, in case he wished to look and do so, the patient was affirmative then, and promised to approach us back in few days. In our analysis, we find that he needs again 4000 grafts to repair the procedure.

At least four more months passed, but the patient did not contact us again. It’s a practice at Sai Cosmetics that we least try to disturb our patients by calling them again and again, as this hampers with the daily routines of the patient and sometimes the patient may get irritated, the story between Mr John and Sai Cosmetics was something half forgotten, but suddenly in the OCTOBER HEAT of Pune, Mr John appeared again in the clinic with the desire to see Sir Dr Amitabh Shrivastava, as Sir met him , he told, that after the first meeting he had an accident, and he has injured his lower Spine, he also told  Sir Dr Amitabh Shrivastava , that after remaining on the bed rest for 3 months , he is now again in a position and desire to take the hair transplant procedure to, correct his bad earlier hair transplant of some other clinic.

Now as the patient and doctor got ready,  we deposited the advance needed for the booking of the date,  and a slip of requisition for virology reports and normal blood tests was given to the patient,  a preoperative blood pressure,  pulse,  was noted down,  conjunctiva, sclera, and tongue were seen,  and the findings were noted down, the patient was advised to give the sample of blood for tests,  reports of the pathological investigations were on Sir Dr Amitabh Shrivastava’s table,  a day prior, the evening of the procedure,  all was well within normal limits. 

The next day, the patient arrived in time,  as per protocols of Sai Cosmetics PUNE,  we start the antibiotics a day prior to the day of surgery,  which he had taken,  he had also taken a morning dose of the antibiotic on the morning of the procedure,  we ask the patient to bring the evening dose of the antibiotic to be taken,  in the evening before he leaves for home,  at Sai Cosmetics the patient is asked to take a heavy and protein mainly breakfast, before the procedure, as he should not go in calorie crunch before the procedure is over,  we at Sai Cosmetics ask our patients to wash their scalp with Povidone Iodine Scrub, the night before the procedure, and again on the morning of the procedure,  this multi-folded reduces the chance of any infection.

Again Blood pressure, pulse, was checked and recorded, tongue, conjunctiva, checked for ictrus and cyanosis, chest was auscultated by Sir Dr Amitabh Shrivastava himself, a test dose of Lignocaine given with time, date and name of the drug on patients’ skin. Finally the photos of the scalp taken 

1. Front of face

2. Rt of face

3. Left of face

4, A top of the scalp view. 

The patient is sent for shaving, after shaving one more set of views taken. 

The patient is then asked to wear O.T Clothing, given O.T Chappels and taken in the O.T, as per schedules madam Dr Ruchi Shrivastava, came and taught the patient, how to lie down for the procedure and make himself comfortable with the position and surroundings of the operation theatre.

  • First of all, rubificiant local anaesthesia was given on the back of the scalp (THE DONOR AREA), another 20 minutes it was left covered, after 20 minutes of waiting the local anaesthesia was given to the patient, starting from the center and inferior limits, then moving superiorly and peripherally, in the next step the tumunescent anaesthesia was given to the patient. Patient had no complaints, we proceeded for the extraction of follicles, this case madam Dr Ruchi Shrivastava started the process, by virtue of excellent speed of madam Dr Ruchi Shrivastava, in extraction of follicles we took out the desired number of follicles in a little less than three hours, then was the time to change the position of the patient. Comfortable position vise,  again rubificiant anaesthesia was applied to the forehead, waited again for 20 minutes,  then ,Sir Dr Amitabh Shrivastava gave the local anaesthesia to block the  supraorbital and the supratrochlear nerves, as in the back,  the tumunescent anaesthesia was again infiltered in the scalp. To the limits of the bald area in consideration,  slights, or pits were made with single,  double  triple  and pentaslight makers,  , haemostasis was excellent,  then we started with placing of grafts in the Sai Cosmetics, clinics state of art (MICRO DISTURBED PATTERN), A single technician is used to wash the area with normal saline,  so that the other three or four persons could get a Surgically viable vision, this step took less than 2 hours,  whole the procedure is done wearing,  3x to 4x binocular loupes, with best possible lenses in them, area again checked for any empty slights/ pits, some 50 extra grafts taken out were also double bonded with some of the already planted the grafts. 
  • The area was spray cleaned with 50ml syringes of normal saline and dexamethasone,  slowly the patient is asked to sit down on the table,  the blood pressure was checked, he is given an elastic headband, next on finding the blood pressure and pulse normal. And the patient saying that he wants to move, he is allowed to leave the operation theatre, attended by a male attendant. At Sai Cosmetics it’s a practice that after the procedure if the patient goes to the washroom, he is escorted by a male attendant, and asked not to (lock), the washroom from inside. 
  • After changing clothes the patient is, ready for second and final photo session,,  he is given and explained his Prescription Paper and, the details of his procedure, 

             1. Area wise.

              2. Slights/ pits wise.

              3. Follicle wise.

              4. Cost wise. 

  • Patient can move by himself or we can book a cab for him. 
  • This patient John was given three free PRP WITH MESOTHERAPY SESSIONS,  Which he took in three or four months, 
  • After a hiatus of six months when John arrived the clinic, Sai Cosmetics PUNE again, even we couldn’t recognize him,  he was a happy, handsome looking man with fresh bought confectioners for all the workers of the clinic, Sai Cosmetics PUNE,  and Dr Amitabh Shrivastava and madam Dr Ruchi Shrivastava.
  • Result from 4000 grafts of FUE method hair transplant had turned his life 360 in terms of looks.
  • A second session of photography was again necessitated. There is a big bell in the  clinic, Sai Cosmetics, which we ask our satisfied patients to bell, was again belled, by him,  the atmosphere was very light and happy,.
  •  Sir, Dr Amitabh Shrivastava and madam Dr Ruchi Shrivastava  besides, doing hair transplant procedures at its finest ,also are training, a lot of young enthusiastic doctors, who are dermatologists or Surgeons,  for repayment to the social community.

You can call 📞 9822358559 or 7875671915 for appointments…

Dr Amitabh Shrivastava 

Dr Mrs Ruchi Shrivastava 

Sai Cosmetics, B1, friends’ enclave (Behind kodre house)


Pune – 36

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