What age is correct for a Hair Transplant

Hair and nails are scientifically vestigial organs of human body, hair is waste products of Nitrogen and Sulphur , the irony of the situation is so , that when you need these waste products most in your life ( to enhance your look and appearance) say between the age of 20 to 35 year, they cease to be with you.

A question is ” what should be the right age for a Hair Transplant in Pune ?

My philosophy applied to the issue is with the proverb ” A PERSON IS AS OLD AS HE FEELS “
Scientifically the age for transplant could be after the age of 26 years to 28 years. ,i;e, the time when the natural testosterone starts dipping.

But I have given procedures to patients even younger than 20 years of age, the reason is that the boy has just crossed adolescent age and he is high on hormones, but is very depressed due to the hair loss disfigurement, so in a very sympathetic gesture explaining the science to him, and opening the fact, to him that he may get loses at newer areas, we can do a procedure on him.Such individuals are usually accompanied by their parents, who listen to the consultation/counselling very carefully,and are the decision maker.

Regarding middle age and older aged patient the average age is between 35 years to 45 years, the story is,that, he was too much in the battle of life taking the challenges of life, hands on, to make a mark in the society…… and when achieve that…. a fine day, he is relaxed…. he looks at the mirror and notice the pigmented spots on his hands, extra melanin here and there one the face….a bald area on the top and a receding hair line….. he sits on internet and starts searching for a Hair Transplant CLINIC.

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