What Options Do You Have – Hair Transplant Surgery

The most common plastic surgery these days is a HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery, it doesn’t even need an admission to a hospital. The fast life style of today’s generation, the world totally running around physicality, the race to reach at the top, the stress generated to survive the targets given to office going crowds…. is all what has left us to secrete more and more adrenaline… adding to it is adultration of food stuff, a polluted environment …..has increased the number of cases of baldness..

In today’s topic I will cover the aspects related to this misery of HAIR TRANSPLANT.. needs and available options..here we are going to talk about the treatment options with us , not much about the causes.

Basically, hair transplant is the surgical procedure of bringing hair from the “DONOR AREA” which is the area from back of one ear to the back of another ear. This particular area have follicles which are immune to Testosterone and it’s allied hormones, follicles from these areas are surgically removed and then planted/ relocated to the area of needs like front and vertex.

We have quite a few good options in this regard, we will elaborate on these options, in the coming paragraphs.

1. FUT or FUHT:- In this kind of HAIR TRANSPLANT a strip of the DONOR AREA, is taken out , by the use of scalpel and cautrery, the gap thus created after the removal of the “STRIP” is given a surgical closuer, in two layers, BETTER is to have a trichophitic closure , where one the margin is cut reverse oblique, follicles may be left in the scar line to make it more inconspicuous.The area of the STRIP could be increased by increasing ,the thickness of the STRIP, the length of the strip and course of the strip could be made serpentine. A maximum of 7000 grafts or follicles could be done in a Single procedure under best available STRIP, with best densities and thickness with best hands doing it.


1. It gives you a SCAR.
2. It leaves you in pain for 10 days minimum.
3. Blood is lost during the surgery.
4. Nerves are cut in the procedure, and there are very long periods of NUMBNESS over the back of the scalp.
5. Skin at the Back of the Scalp loses, a part of its vertical dimensions, and there is a feeling of stretching.

2.FUE ( FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION)-Some how this procedure came as a breather, after the purely surgical FUHT/ FUT procedures, though this procedure developed slowly, from 600 follicles in one sitting ,to now, up to 4500 follicles, in a sitting, depending upon the skills of the surgeon, the DONOR AREA of the patient ,in relation to his needs. IF your doctor is not competent enough to give you desired number of follicles in one single sitting, he may try to enumerate to you, the benefits of multiple sittings of 1500 follicles or so … be sure that’s his / her way of concealing his / her incompetence, no benefit to you, as you will take the ABUSES of LOCAL ANAESTHESIA twice or thrice.

3. FUE WITH BHT (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION WITH BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT)- As FUE alone, may sometimes not be able ,to supply you the number of needed follicles ( as yields with FUE procedures are not more than 4500.follicles usually) a body hair transplant procedure, from the beard, chest ( usually) could be added, to it, to increase the number of follicles and then meet the extreme follicle needs..

4. FUE WITH FUHT– Some of the surgeons, give this idea to their patients, its just because to facilitate themselves to practice the art of FUE ,while there period of switching from FUHT/ FUT to FUE… THIS HAS NO BENIFIT FOR THE PATIENT.

5.FUE with PRP WITH MESOTHERAPY – Though PRP ( PLATLET RICH PLASMA) have still a lot of studies pending in favour of them, but in most of the cases it’s found to be a beneficial adjunct, to a procedure of HAIR TRANSPLANT, by any method, the platelet rich plasma adheres to the transplanted, as well as already present follicles over the RECIPIENT AREA, and help in making the transplanted follicles grow early and giving health and thickness to the already existing vellus and sick/ weak follicles.

6. FUE WITH HAIR BONDING OR WEAVING – Whenever the DONOR AREA is deficient, then a front line area, is covered with the transplant procedure, and rest of the back / vertex area is covered with the partial wig/ bonding/ weaving, this makes the FRONT look very natural and also makes the wig or bonding 100% undetectable, few of the ace Bollywood stars are with it, can you guess them…..

FUE is also known as FOLLICULAR UNIT EXCISION…these days..
Please decide your CLINIC and SURGEON carefully, thanks for reading the content of the blog..

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