How At Sai Cosmetics We Make Hair Transplants Virtually Painless

1. Locally ice or glycerine pack could be applied to the area which is going to have a shot of injection of local anaesthesia. In our opinion a frozen Glycerine pack is a better idea as it doesn’t melts down like ice and wets the scalp/ face.

2. After this step, Oint. Tetralid or other surface anaesthesia could be applied in a thin layer, it would then be covered by a water paper or metal foil and tied with loose bandage ( crape) for another 20 minutes.

3. Effect of topical anaesthesia would be attained early and more complete and deep by using ULTRASONIC VIBRATORS for 5 more minutes over the area.

4. Finally after waiting for 30 minutes the time to inject local anaesthesia comes. First do a skin test with 0.1ml of the drug, then Local should be mixed with Adrenaline in definite proportions for normal male patients, hypertensive and those with history of convulsions or other contraindications and all FEMALE patients should not be administered with Adrenaline.

5. For injections of the local anaesthesia needles used should be of 26 to 28 gauge.

6. AREAS should be given local injections as per their shape as large circular areas should be anesthetized with concentric rings of shots in alternate manner each circle. Injections should be given pricking the needle in the anesthetized small area of the previous shot. A light local could be added to the tumunesce liquid too.. to enhance the time period of the effect of the anaesthesia..

7. A further shot of local could be given to the patients, with lower pain thresholds at the donor areas, with an intragleutal injection of Diclofenac Sodium if the patient is normotensive and with normal renal functions refer to investigations before transplant.

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