Hair Fall – what triggers it Post-Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is indeed a beautiful phase a woman goes through, bringing plethora of changes – physically, mentally and emotionally in her body and all it creates a beautiful life inside. One of the priceless rewards during this journey are the hormone levels, especially estrogen, takes its peak, resulting in beautiful, shining skin and lustrous, bouncy, beautiful hair throughout these 9 months.

What triggers hair-fall?


Once the baby is delivered, the major change a woman experience is “postpartum” fluctuations – marking hormone levels returning to pre-pregnancy. It can be really challenging if these dramatic changes not followed-on systematically because delivery drains out all strength out of mothPregnancy – er’s body and she is already in a state of “hard recovery” from various changes initiated immediately after delivery. One of the most ‘worried’ and ‘talked about’ problem, a mother notices is “Hair-fall”, a medical condition known as “telogen effluvium”, which gradually begins after she starts nursing the baby.

Apart from various changes already pressurising a new mother, hair-loss can make it worse if one doesn’t have knowledge on how to cope with the same. Various “quick tips” are being suggested, viz. lotions, creams, medicines but nothing can work as ‘miracle’ if hair fall has already set-in and deteriorating the bouncy hair (at the time of pregnancy) to thinner, dry strands and gradually balding the scalp.


Well, inspite of numerous remedies being told by friends, relatives, elders and internet resources, as for the internal recovery, a good balanced diet is one most crucial thing that needs to be followed diligently:

(1). An iron enriched diet for recovering with blood loss
(2). High protein for relaxing muscle strains
(3). Diet enriched with calcium – to enhance milk supply for baby
(4). Zinc, one of the most important mineral required by body for hair health
(5). Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – for baby’s healthy brain development
(6). Above all – a good sleep so to combat “postpartum depressive mood swings

And as no power in this world can stop a mother to not to get worried about baby’s development, so better is to take a very good care of your health with balanced and nutritious diet and plenty of rest – which will ultimately nourishes the baby and strengthen the bond between you two!

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