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As the science of HAIR TRANSPLANTS is growing up and so is the need of people getting bald to make up their minds for a procedure, it’s very evident that the desirable method for HAIR TRANSPLANT now is FUE in most of the cases…

Before making a decision please try to understand the differences between FUE and FUHT in truly scientific terms.

I am not speaking a word about those who should not do a Hair Transplant (like technicians, BAMS, BHMS & BDS Graduates)

Most of the older lot of the surgeons prefer doing hair transplant by FUHT METHOD as they have learned it that way, these senior doctors may tackle with their AGE and EXPERIENCE in such good manner that you went thinking of FUE but turned to FUHT. But if you are thinking of FUE, do not let yourself to be convinced against your thoughts, as somebody is aged and senior.

Another group is of doctors, who say we will use both the methods, i.e, FUHT and FUE  both simultaneously…… according to me, this is a tricky business. As the doctor was trained in FUHT and now he wants to learn FUE, and he is using you and your SCALP, as an experimental material and subject. Don’t let it happen don’t be used this cheaply, this is cheating.

Sometimes the surgeon may use both the methods simultaneously for the betterment of the patient, It really is a happy situation but sadly seen very rarely.

Now there are those doctors and clinics, which promise and do FUE Only, here comes the need to compare few of the clinics…
Points should be degree and registration of the doctor with local, state and country bodies like MCI.
AGE of the surgeon may give some indication of his /her experience.

A doctor from a surgical background is better than a physician when comes to surgery and rarely arising surgical emergencies. Please take a written note of free PRPs WITH MESOTHERAPY.

Please see whether the doctor takes an accurate account of detailed history from you, past disease any sick episodes, environmental history some places are predisposed to iodine deficiency other like malaria and viral infection and allergies.. if the doctor is not asking then you should speak about it.

Whether he is taking your Blood pressure and doing a Skin Test for local anesthesia is very important.

Finally, the payment and mode of payment are important, the papers should transparently mention the number of follicles done indicating the area also. Hense, Sai cosmetics is one of the best hair transplant center in Pune.

This could be called the right approach to the clinic.

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